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Established in 2008, we have now happily supplied millions of bottles to our customers in 4 continents.? ?We consider ourselves to be experts in our field of growing sprouts and juicing them and in this section you can read more about what makes our juices unique and of exceptional quality.

We love it when our customers tell us they are now healthy or are recovering from various ailments (you can use the internet to find out about what motivates our customers to buy broccoli sprout juice,?broccoli sprout + beetroot juice?or?wheatgrass juice).

We also love sharing with you some of the 1700 published research studies that have been done on sulforaphane in broccoli sprout juice. The real reason why customers buy our juices will remain a secret because the current law does not permit us to tell the truth, but we can say this:

*** 90% of our customers love our juices so much that they buy again.***

On these pages you can read the story behind Vegus Foods and learn who is part of our hard working and dedicated team that does everything they can to ensure that your broccoli sprout juice and wheatgrass juice are the best they possibly can be. Most importantly, you can read about our?values?that help shape everything we do and how we care about our earth.

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*** Vegus Foods Ltd is the only company that makes HPP treated broccoli sprout juice, the best source of sulforaphane in the world ***