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How Much Broccoli is in One Bottle?

This is like asking, “How many bananas do you need to make an apple pie?” What is really important is the amount of

Sulforaphane and isothiocyanates

Sulforaphane comes from the breakdown of glucoraphanin using the myrosinase that is in the plant. When the plant is crushed the glucoraphanin mixes with the myrosinase to yield isothiocyanates including sulforaphane; the magic ingredient.

What to watch out for is:

  • ? Some varieties of broccoli have very little glucoraphanin so you could eat a ton of broccoli or broccoli sprouts yet still gain little or no sulforaphane.
  • ? Likewise, if the glucoraphanin does not get it on with the myrosinase within minutes it doesn’t work – you will have no sulforaphane.
  • ? If you buy an extract that is just glucoraphanin without myrosinase, it will never give you sulforaphane. OK, you may just have a little bit of myrosinase sitting in your gut but not nearly enough.

How To Maximise Sulforaphane

We use a high glucoraphanin content variety of broccoli, non GMO calabrese

We grow our own broccoli sprouts just to 4 days, harvest them, juice them, which mixes the glucoraphanin and myrosinase instantly.

We bottle immediately and treat with ultra high pressure to lock in the sulforaphane and its isothiocyanates.

How Much Sulforaphane in 40 ml Broccoli Sprout Juice?

Vegus Juices had broccoli sprout juice tested at independent laboratory which proved that there are 25 micromoles of the desired isothiocyanates including sulforaphane per 10ml juice. This means a 40ml bottle contains at least 100 micromoles of isothiocyanates including sulforaphane.

What does that mean? Well, the John Hopkins Medical Research Centre published studies on cancer, autism and pollution remediation, recommending a daily dose of 40 micromoles. They also noted that there is no known toxic level of dose.

Vegus Juices broccoli sprout juice has at least 250% of the daily dose recommended by the John Hopkins Institute.

All this is to say that when looking at broccoli, broccoli sprouts, dried extracts or broccoli sprout juice what matters is the amount of the isothiocyanates and sulforaphane and nobody does it better than Vegus Juices.

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