Organic Juice

10 reasons to choose organicVegus Juices are certified organic.??That means our juice is made from sprouts that have been grown naturally and without toxic chemicals. By choosing organic, you can be assured that:

  • We use only natural ingredients.
  • We use only natural fertiliser (we do not use pesticides but if we did they would have to be natural).
  • We do not irradiate the juices.
  • We do not use genetically modified seeds or ingredients.
  • We keep a detailed, written records of our production methods.
  • We have regular on-site inspections.

Without all those toxic pesticides and additives, organic food tastes as it’s meant to and that’s a whole lot better than conventionally grown produce.

Health Benefits of Organic

Organic foods have lower levels of toxic chemicals.? Heavy metal load is lower because the fertilisers used are natural whereas artificial fertilisers contain high levels of heavy metals which get absorbed by the growing plants.? Organic foods are grown naturally in nutrient-rich media so the resulting plants contain higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants.? Organic foods are fresher because they cannot contain preservatives nor can they be irradiated.

Health Benefits of Organic Juice

The same benefits of organic foods apply to organic juice, but are even more important.? This is because pesticides are water soluble so the pesticide residues are more heavily concentrated in the plant liquid.? Since juice is made entirely of plant liquid, if the original plant was grown using pesticides, there will be a greater concentration of pesticide residues in the juice, than there were in the whole plant.

Environmental Benefits of Organic

We take a more detailed look about the environmental benefits of organic and other great reasons to choose organic in our blog post 10 Reasons to Choose Organic.

Buy Organic Juice

If you’d like to discover the joy of drinking organic juice, why not try organic Vegus Juices.? We make organic Wheatgrass juice, organic Broccoli Sprout juice and Organic Broccoli Sprout + Beetroot juice.? Discover more about our delicious organic juices in our Shop.