Our Earth

We at Vegus Juices care just as passionately about our environment as we do about your health.

No Pesticides or Chemicals used to Cultivated the Sprouts

We use organic seeds and grow the sprouts using only organic nutrients. Due to EU regulations, we are not allowed to certify our sprouts as organic, because they are grown on hydroponic media. This method of organic cultivation is only recognised in the USA. However, we believe that natural, organic foods are the way to keep the body healthy and in balance, so we adhere to organic standards at our farm.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

We have carefully chosen our packaging both to withstand the high pressures of the HPP ultra-high pressure processing unit and to have the least impact on the environment.? A respected German Research Institute studied the entire lifecycle including production, use and carbon footprint of several different types of packaging. They discovered that the type of plastic that we use in our bottles is the equivalent to cardboard and glass bottles.?At this moment in time, biodegradable plastic is not an option, as it would start to break down the moment it came into contact with our juice!

Our packaging is BPA-free and completely recyclable.

Environmentally Friendly Farm

We recycle and reuse wherever possible. Once our sprouts are juiced, we give the remaining dried sprouts to our local farmers to feed to their cows who, we’re told, love the stuff!

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