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Sulforaphane can be life changing and customers often write to tell us about the difference that drinking our broccoli sprout juice has made to their lives. We are also the only company in the world to make cold-pressed, HPP’d broccoli sprout juice, the best source of sulforaphane. So when people seek out a good quality source of sulforaphane, they buy our juices especially when they are well informed.? In fact, sharing information about broccoli sprout juice and sulforaphane produces very high conversion rates, simply because of the vast range of conditions that sulforaphane is associated with. We pay you 15% every time someone who you have recommended to us who buys our juices and we keep paying you for as long as they continue to buy.? If you’d like to share more about these remarkable juices with your own network, website or email contacts, then become one of our affiliates and start earning money by helping others, please?register here.

Our Practitioners

We have developed special relationships with many practitioners who like to offer our juices to their clients.?We provide full support and a variety of ways that our practitioners can enable their clients to benefit from our juices, whether they are buying directly and we drop ship or as a reseller.? If you are a practitioner and would like to recommend our juices to your clients, please read more.

CNM Practitioners

We have a special relationship with the College of Naturopathic Medicine?which is based in the UK, Ireland and the USA and we work closely with their graduates to support their practice. If you are a CNM graduate, please click here to access your benefits page.?A password is required which you will have received on the CNM Newsletter sent to you 1st March 2019.

Our Distributors

Vegus Juices is a well established brand, and during the 9 years we have been in business, we have continually listened to our customers and put aside a significant proportion of our profits into enhance existing products, developing new ranges and improving customer experience.? As a result we enjoy an unrivalled 90% repeat purchase rate and well above average sales growth (40% most recent year-on-year).

We work closely with our distributors to enable them to profit from this growth, by supporting sales and marketing activities and providing flexible solutions that are tailored according to individual needs. If you would like to distribute Vegus Juices, please?read more.

Partner Support

We provide full sales & marketing support for our partners, please read more.

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