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You are our reason for being! We value you over everything because without you we would not exist. So thank you for your interest, your loyalty, your feedback and helping us make Vegus Juices better every year.

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The reasons you buy our juices are many and if you are new to our site, then we kindly suggest you google sulforaphane and chlorophyll to discover clues as to what makes a huge 90% of you buy again and again.

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You live all over the world and it is thanks to you and your referrals and recommending our product that our raw Broccoli sprout juice and Wheatgrass juice are known and bought in over 14 different countries and every year, we have to increase production by double on the previous year to keep up with demand.

Thank you!

Thank you for loyalty and for telling your friends about our wonderful juices.

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About Us

Meet the Inventor: Michael Reynolds


Many years ago, Michael used to help people improve their financial health as a tax specialist. ?Then he decided instead to help them improve their physical health. ?Learn more about Our Story?here.?After much research, he started growing sprouts and, after many attempts, developed a unique system that produced perfect nutrient-rich sprouts every time. His propriety system ensures that the seeds get the optimum water, nutrients, humidity, temperature, air and hygienic growing conditions and retain their enzyme activity from the moment the seeds are soaked until the day the young shoots are harvested.

Michael is an inventor and his creative genius has produced a world exclusive product range of broccoli sprouts juices.

Meet the Sprout Man: Barry Mylett

Barry has recently joined Vegus Juices and works for us as Production Manager. He is the man who makes it all happen and, without Barry, there would be no sprouts. Barry also looks after our Facebook customers.

Meet the Marketing Girl: Sarah Diggins

Although not officially employed, Sarah has been working with Vegus Foods for 8 years helping with their graphic design and marketing. She comes up with the designs and messages that bring Vegus Juices to life and help customers understand how wonderful they are. She finds this particularly challenging since customers buy the juices for reasons we?re not allowed to tell you about!

Sarah is passionate about using nutrition to heal and supporting health with natural therapies that rebalance the whole body and address the cause of illness, rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms which are only showing in the first place as a guide to help us heal the whole body!

And now meet Daisy:


Daisy is not really a member of our team but she helps out. After the wheatgrass has been harvested there is some stubble and a lot of root mass left behind. ?There are a lot of nutrients in it but the overall taste is not very good.

Many people would throw it all away but most of the farmers around our farm in Ireland have at least a few cows. So we give them that nice biomass and they feed it to their cows.

The cows love it!

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About Us

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Wheatgrass Juice photo 800x600

Wheatgrass Juice Photo 800 x 600 pixels, 300 dpi

Broccoli Sprout juice photo 800x600

Broccoli Sprout Juice Photo 800 x 600 pixels, 300 dpi

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Broccoli Sprout + Beetroot Juice Photo 800 x 600 pixels, 300 dpi

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Vegus Juices Retail Display Unit

Retail Display Unit – holds 2 lines / 14 tubes

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We sell a range of ready-to-drink raw, cold-pressed juice shots.? Our juices are never heated, never frozen and stay fresh for 8 month without storing in the fridge thanks to a special preservation process High Pressure Processing.? HPP uses extreme pressure at cold temperatures to stop bacteria and yet maintains the enzyme activity and nutrients that get destroyed in standard flash heat pasteurisation processes.? Enjoy freshly squeezed, cold-pressed juice everyday with Vegus Juices.

broccoli sprout juice informationBuy broccoli sprout juice

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broccoli sprout + beetroot juice informationBuy broccoli sprout + beetroot juice

Our most popular juice is?Broccoli Sprout juice?and we are the only company in the world currently making this wonderful juice. ?Our Wheatgrass juice is exceptionally but naturally sweet due to the growing conditions we have spent years perfecting. We listened to your feedback and as a result now make a sweeter source of sulforaphane: Broccoli Sprout + Beetroot juice.

Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass was used back in the days of the old Persian Empire (about 3,000 years ago) where it was and still is one of seven items used to celebrate Nowruz (New Year). ?”Sabzeh? or sprouted wheatgrass signified the renewal of life and was also used to restore blood of women after child birth. More recently, wheatgrass juice enjoyed a vogue as a health tonic in the 1940s. Then later, the age of fast foods and convenience foods eclipsed such health tonics.?Then through the evangelism of Dr Ann Wigmore?and others, wheatgrass juice again became known as a valuable tonic or nutritional food. Many people consider that the juice is well worth taking at the rate of one or two fluid ounces (28-56ml) per day.

About Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is harvested from 7 day old shoots of wheatgrass.? The shoots are juiced which is done preferably at cold temperatures to preserve the enzymes.? The juice must be consumed immediately to avoid oxidation which causes the juice to turn browner in colour or it can be sealed and pasteurised at cold temperatures to preserve the nutrients.

Wheatgrass Juice Nutrition

Wheatgrass has been considered a nutrient-rich tonic for hundreds of years.??In fact it first arose in modern day popularity when, in the 1930s, agricultural chemist Charles F. Schnabel used wheatgrass to try to help chickens that were sick and dying. The wheatgrass did the trick, the chickens survived and produced three times more eggs than other hens.? Charles F. Schnabel became known as the father of wheatgrass.??He went on to explore the effects of wheatgrass on other livestock and found that regardless of species, the animals benefited when given cereal grass as a supplement.? His research documented larger litters, more and richer milk, lower infant mortality rates, better quality fur and improved general health.

Gluten Free

Wheatgrass Juice is the liquid extracted from the sprouts of hard red winter wheat and is harvested at the stage immediately prior to the appearance of the first true jointing of the plant stem as it grows from seed, effectively young wheatgrass. There are no seeds present at this stage so that anyone who is allergic to gluten is still able to drink ?wheatgrass juice. Gluten is only found in the seeds and without seeds there is no gluten.

Wheatgrass Juice is a Good Source of Protein

Wheatgrass Nutrition FactsWheatgrass juice is a good source of protein and contains 18 out of 20 of all essential amino acids.

Wheatgrass Juice is a Good Source of Minerals

Wheatgrass juice contains 12 of the 16 essential minerals. ?In fact wheat grain is one of the only seeds known to have the ability to take up 80 or more minerals during its life cycle which is in effect, close to all known minerals. This means that if grown with availability of nutrients, in the proper environment, wheatgrass will be very nutrient dense due to it?s incredible genetic design.

Wheatgrass Juice is a Good Source of Chlorophyll

A primary ingredient in the wheatgrass juice is the?chlorophyll?that gives the juice its distinctively green appearance. Wheatgrass juice also contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. ?You can also read some of the many research articles on chlorophyll.

Buy Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass Juice is a Good Source of Enzymes

Wheatgrass, in it?s raw state is abundant in enzymes?including amylase and protease which help break down nutrients. Unfortunately, the heat treatment process used to pasteurise other juices denatures or destroys their enzymes. For the same reason, there is no enzyme activity in wheatgrass powder that has been heat- or freeze-dried.

Read here a published research study on wheatgrass.

How to Use Wheatgrass Juice

coming soon….

Disclaimer: At?Vegus Foods, we are farmers and we make great juices but we are not doctors or scientists or nutritionists. We are not any kind of health care providers. If you need medical advice or require diagnosis or treatment we cannot give it to you. You must consult a qualified practitioner (but please tell them all about our juices!)

Millions of Bottles

Established in 2008, we have now happily supplied millions of bottles to our customers in 4 continents.? ?We consider ourselves to be experts in our field of growing sprouts and juicing them and in this section you can read more about what makes our juices unique and of exceptional quality.

We love it when our customers tell us they are now healthy or are recovering from various ailments (you can use the internet to find out about what motivates our customers to buy broccoli sprout juice,?broccoli sprout + beetroot juice?or?wheatgrass juice).

We also love sharing with you some of the 1700 published research studies that have been done on sulforaphane in broccoli sprout juice. The real reason why customers buy our juices will remain a secret because the current law does not permit us to tell the truth, but we can say this:

*** 90% of our customers love our juices so much that they buy again.***

On these pages you can read the story behind Vegus Foods and learn who is part of our hard working and dedicated team that does everything they can to ensure that your broccoli sprout juice and wheatgrass juice are the best they possibly can be. Most importantly, you can read about our?values?that help shape everything we do and how we care about our earth.

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*** Vegus Foods Ltd is the only company that makes HPP treated broccoli sprout juice, the best source of sulforaphane in the world ***