What is HPP

What is HPP?

HPP = High Pressure Processing and is an emerging technology used in the food industry to preserve foods at low temperatures without changing the taste, nutrients or appearance.

At Vegus Foods Ltd, we chose to use HPP to preserve Vegus Juices because we considered it was by far the best method of preservation for several reasons:

Why High Pressure Processing HPP?

FRESH: juice tastes as fresh as home-made juice

NUTRIENTS: contains all the nutrients present in the original sprouts

ENZYMES: has full enzyme activity

QUALITY: lasts for a long time in perfect quality

Heat pasteurised juice contains no enzymes but without the myrosinase enzyme, there can be no sulforaphane. Click to read more….

Current methods of preservation (heat pasteurisation, air drying, freeze drying) destroy most of the nutrients and all of the enzyme activity. This affects the vast majority of juices and supplements currently available today.? We consider a juice or supplement without nutrients and enzymes to be no better than flavoured water or green flour.

We know that you buy our juices because of the nutrients in them and that you need the enzymes in order to digest the nutrients. HPP delivers all of this and more.

The HPP process increases enzyme activity by 1-3% and also significantly increases the amount of sulforaphane available compared with fresh-pressed juice. Click to read more….

How High Pressure Processing HPP works

First, our juices are cold-pressed and poured into bottles, which are sealed.? The bottles are collected and put into the HPP machine.

The HPP vat with our bottles inside is filled with water and then a very high pressure (of around 6,000 bar / 87,000 psi) is applied.?The equipment used in HPP is very robust because it has to withstand pressure that is even higher you would experience in the deepest underwater sea trench!

The high pressure is applied for just a few minutes at cold temperatures. The pressure destroys the bacteria in the juice and, because the juice is already in a sealed bottle, no more bacteria can develop until the bottle is opened and left exposed to air.

The video below, made by Thyssenkrupp?who makes HPP equipment shows you very clearly how HPP is used to preserve juice.

How We Make Our Juices

If you want to know more about how we make Vegus Juices please click here.

High Pressure Processing Increases Sulforaphane

In this blog post we talk about how High Pressure Processing increases the available sulforaphane in broccoli sprout juice.

Try our nutrient-loaded juices and experience the difference that drinking HPP-preserved juices makes.

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